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Caterham Super Seven Roadsport SV

This season Highland Caterham Hire will offer 2 “Caterham Super Seven Roadsport SV's” plus a sensational "CSR200". There will be a 5 speed car , green with a yellow nosde band and a dark blue 6 speed car. If you know your Caterhams you will appreciate that this is quite possibly the finest balance of performance and comfort that Caterham has ever offered. In addition we have a Gallardo Yellow CSR 200 powered by a 200 bhp Cosworth Duratec engine and yes it's quick....very quick and wonderful to drive, taking the se7en experience to another level!

For those not quite so familiar with the marque and models, here’s a brief run down of what’s on offer:-

Caterham Super Seven Roadsport SV

  • 1.8 ltr Rover K Series / MG X-power.
  • Max Power - 140 bhp (260bhp / tonne).
  • Max Torque - 124 lbs/ft.
  • Top Speed - 125 mph.
  • 0-62mph - just over 5 seconds.
  • Full weather equipment - Soft Bits For Sevens half hood (excellent bit of kit.........as opposed to the standard full hood) and sidescreens. Also a shower cap for parking up.
  • Efficient Cockpit heater and heated windscreen.
  • Draft reducer and tunnel bag.
  • 12V socket, weatherproof.
  • Climate control - you get immediate access to what the climate is at any given time!
  • SV driver and passenger space, approx 4 inches extra width and length to cockpit compared to a S3.
  • Very comfortable leather seats.
  • SV luggage space greater than S3.
  • SV fuel capacity greater than S3.
  • Good miles per gallon.
  • Phenomenal Smiles per Gallon. Your grin will ache for days!!

Caterham Seven CSR200

  • 2.3 ltr Cosworth Duratec
  • Max Power - 200 (350 bhp / tonne) very significant without traction and stability control. Be warned!
  • Top speed - 140 mph 
  • 0 - 62 mph - 3.6 seconds
  • Uprated chassis with increased torsional stiffness and improved aerodynamics.
  • Uprated brakes with 4 pot calipers.
  • Independant rear suspension and cantilever inboard shox front suspension
  • All of the kit and comforts as above for the SV but with updated cockpit ergonomics, ride and handling.
  • Not so good miles per gallon! You don't get "owt for nowt" and that acceleration and intake / exhaust noise have to be fuelled by something!!
  • Painfully high Smiles per Gallon. Your grin will ache for weeks!!

The cars are pretty flexible in terms of the person size that can be accommodated (we have accomodated 6ft 8 in!!), but if you would like to discuss in more detail then please contact us directly either by phone or email.

Various additional luggage carrying options are available at a nominal cost depending on the length of the trip you are planning. It is quite practical for a couple to have a fortnight's trip in reasonable comfort.

Should you require camping equipment then please discuss as I can probably help with your needs as opposed to carting your own (especially if arriving via flights).