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Scott Cummins

My wife arranged the hire of a Caterham 7 for the day as a birthday treat, and what a treat. We had a fantastic time blasting around the Highlands. I couldn't stop smiling and any stops we had were very brief!!! The weather was great, the car was fantastic and dealing with Boyd was a pleasure. Would not hesitate to recommend and will definitely be back for more :-)

Adam Robson - Aberdeen

Afternoon Boyd,
Thanks again for the hire of the Caterham yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will no doubt be back. The worst part of the whole thing had to be getting back into my own car, and how incredibly slow and disconnected it felt in comparison to the Caterham, if ever there was a showcase of how adding three times the weight affects the same amount of power!
Below are some of the photo's I got during the drive, let me know if you would like to use any of them and i can send the larger file sizes through.
Now, to find 20k down the back of the sofa for a gulf coloured Roadsport.......
Adam Robson

Stuart Millar - Edinburgh - 9 April 2013

Stuart Millar – 9th April – Edinburgh -  40 going on 14 again!

I’m not much of a petrol head, but I’ve always had a hankering after a Caterham. The idea of a mechanically simple, lightweight, and inexpensive little British Sportscar with supercar style performance has always seemed like a good idea, little did I know. …

The morning of my 40th Birthday dawned and I was a bit upset when my expected lie-in was cut short by my wife. Then I was a little boy again when I opened the curtains to see the Caterham in the drive. It was embarrassing when I finally noticed Boyd, as I was in my dressing gown squealing with delight. Boyd and my wife had conspired to bring it to the house and Boyd, bless his cotton socks, had even pushed it into our drive to avoid disturbing my slumbers and ruin the surprise.  Lunch had been booked at a Hotel in the Highlands and I just had to get us there….

Driving the Caterham was all I had hoped for and more, it roars and accelerates like a proper sports car should, like I’d always hoped one would. You’re positioned low to the ground and all of a sudden you’re a daredevil racing driver, even if it’s only the M9. Suitably comfortable with driving the Car, we pulled off and headed onto some B roads.

This was where we noticed another thing about being in a Caterham. The response from other drivers is amazing, they smiled and waved at us and even pulled over to let us pass so that we could enjoy the roads.  The fact we were in an open top sports car in the Highlands on a cold April day might have been why, but I don’t think so. The car is not about glamour or envy, it’s just about fun, and most people seem to recognise that.

We arrived at the Hotel and made a spectacularly undignified exit from the car, much to the amusement of everyone else there, wolfed down our lunch and headed off again. All too soon we were back at the house, and I had to hand the Caterham back to Boyd. Now the only problem I have is that I want more. I need a long term relationship with a Caterham and not just a Birthday fling. Everyone should be a boy again as often as possible and I can’t recommend the experience enough.  My hearty thanks go to both my Wife and Boyd, being 14 again never felt so damn good.


Andy Malone - London - 17 & 18 May 2013

"Last weekend I hired one of HCH's Caterham seven SV's for two days and over 500 miles of superb Highland roads. In both fair and foul weather the car was an absolute joy - raw, responsive, feelsome, hugely accelerative and immense fun. This was my first time in a Seven and I was very pleased to find that it more than lived up to the many positive reviews I've read. In a world of increasing horsepower, weight and acronyms, it's fantastic to get back into something with very little fat and no ESP, ABS, PASM, SAYC..... It certainly sharpens the concentration, especially in the wet!

Boyd and his family could not have been more helpful before, during and after the hire. From logistics and payments to the introductory briefing and route advice, he was always friendly, helpful and accessible. I'm already thinking about my next trip!"

Ken and Ross Morton - Glasgow - 4th April 2012

Hi, Boyd.  Well, I finally got the chance to drive a Caterham after yearning to do so for several years. It exceeded all my expectations! The day\'s hire was a gift from my wife and it ranks high as one of the best gifts I have ever received!
I wantedto share the experience with my brother Ross and we set off to collect the Caterham on a brisk but dry morning in early April.  We both had motorbikes in our teens (Norton & BSA) so were were keen to relive the thrills. We had planned a route around the Perth countryside and in fact it was close to the recommended route we were given on the day anyway so we needn\'t have gone to that effort beforehand. The intsruiction was thorough and paperwork minimal (though necessary, of course) and we were soon firing up the engine and strapping ourselves in. as soon as the engine burst into life I knew we were in for a real treat and my heart was quickening as the finla checks were made and we were underway. My immediate reaction was...\"Now THIS is what I call a PROPER Sports Car!\". 
I could immediately tell that the Caterham was extremely responsive but easy enough to handle as a newby and we drove out on the start of the route. We were well wrapped up however the heater was most welcome as it was a cold day.  The feeling of freedom driving in open air was immediately apparent and we were grinning like Cheshire cats as we set off to enjoy the day.  Sitting low looking over the long bonnet you can see the front wheels rising and falling with the suspension and turning with the wheel and the whole car feels \"alive\" like you are riding a thundering beast. The engine roar a constant reminder of the power under your right foot. 
We took it easy until the roads were clear and then checked the brake action, steering and acceleration until much more familiar with the car. The short throw gear lever is a joy for fast gear changes and soon I became more familiar with what this car could do. Checking mirrors and seeing a clear road ahead I tried some brisk acceleration up to 60 (max speed limit on these roads) without over revving t any stage. Astonishing! I relaxed and drove the car briskly but never near the limit and it was thrilling!  We stopped for a change over and Ross went through the same process and I enjoyed the ride revelling in the poweful exhaust note. Every small town we went through you couldn\'t help but notice people staring and small boys pointing cheering as we drove by.  Who needs a Ferarri to pose in when you have a Caterham for a day? 
We stopped at the Kenmore hotel for a traditional hot Scottish lunch of Cullen Skink and Ayshire Ham Sandwich and cuppa before heading on across the hills on a one-track road. The whole day was terrific and we arrived back fresh faced and exhilerated. The Caterham takes you back to basics and you find yourself driving in the raw, as it were, at one with the car.  It is SO responsive to drive and has almost no unnecessary technology except to make it street legal. I LOVED it! And I want one now.  So if you are thinking about a day driving a Caterham either for yourself or as a gift I\'d highly recommend it. You will never EVER forget the day you drove a Caterham!   Ken Morton, Morton Guitars www.mortonguitars.co.uk

Ed Levy and James Durbin - Cheshire - 20 & 21 October 2011

Ed Levy and James Durbin - Cheshire - 20 & 21 October 2011

I had the great pleasure of hiring a Caterham from Boyd in October 2011.  

Boyd was kind and flexible enough to customise my pick up time and location to suit, and drove from Elgin to Aberdeen train station to meet me.  Having grabbed a coffee, we sat down to finalise the paperwork before heading over to the car park, which played host to a fantastic looking Caterham, in all its traditional livery.  Boyd showed me around the car and ran through my proposed route for the day, suggesting the best roads to take through the mountain passes of the Cairngorms.  

After a safety briefing I was off and enjoyed a fantastic day and over 120 miles with the car before turning in for the night at a local Elgin hotel that Boyd had taken the trouble to book on my behalf.  The next morning I headed over to Elgin station to pick up a friend, and after finalising his paperwork at Boyd’s base, we were off for another day of fun north of Inverness, with what has to be the best thing on four wheels for hire!  Thanks, Boyd!

Ed Levy

Ed Levy and James Durbin - Cheshire - 21 October 2011

Ed Levy and James Durbin - Cheshire - 21 October 2011

“A friend and I had the pleasure of hiring a Caterham from Boyd at Highland Caterham Hire (now also owner of Open Road Hire Ltd) in October of 2011. I was welcomed by a very knowledgeable, fellow petrol head, as well as a gleaming yellow Caterham on the driveway. Boyd showed us around the car and continued on to suggest and show the best routes to take with our limited time of just one day – after a brief bit of paper work we were on our way.

We spent nearly seven hours in the Caterham during the day, with no complaints of back ache, hearing loss or fatigue, which just proves the comfort level this superb little sports car has to offer, even for those 6'+! By comparison, for the cost of a track day event, we received one of the best days of driving I have had the pleasure of experiencing (coming from a multiple track day and R8/supercar driving day fan) – the car handles superbly in all conditions and is sure to put a smile on your face for the entire trip!

Boyd continued his perfect level of service with a lift back to our hotel for the evening (as well as joining us for a pint and a jolly good chat!) and went on to suggest a meal at the local curry house which topped off the day.

A fantastic car; a genuinely interesting and nice guy; and undoubtedly some of the best roads/landscapes I have had the pleasure to experience by yellow blur! Talks are already starting for a return trip this year, with lads and dads alike!

James Durbin


Stephan and Angela Perry - Elgin - 5 November 2012

Stephan and Angela Perry - Elgin - 5 November 2012

“Wedding conveyance, for my blushing-bride-to-be, arranged. I sat back…. but hang on a minute, it’s my day too, the groom should have a nice car as well!  Local wedding car options were firmly biased toward the female of the species… I wanted a sports car… something fast… something loud…something unusual…. something to make an impression and get everyone talking! 

The search led me to Boyd Stokes and his family-run business Highland Caterham Hire.  I’d always wanted to drive a Caterham, and it truly is an unforgettable drive, living up to all my expectations – visceral, exciting, back-to-basics motoring, the complete antithesis to cosseted and dull modern machinery, and personally I feel it’s all the better for it! 

With regard to customer service I think Highland Caterham Hire is second to none, Boyd is a true gentleman, and his family were extremely helpful and accommodating, nothing appeared too much trouble - going the extra mile and then some. 

Thank you for making our special day extra special,

Stephen & Angela Perry”

Davy and Amelia - Beauly - 6 November 2011

Davy and Amelia - Beauly - 6 November 2011

Hi Boyd

Dad and Amelia had a fantastic day out and have no problem with you putting up their picture or referencing them as happy customers!



Boyd adds, just look at those smiles (and that's before they set off!) and just look at that sunshine..... 6th November, northern Scotland, wonderful.

William and Stephanie - Peterhead - 22 October 2011

William and Stephanie - Peterhead - 22 October 2011

Stephanie emerges from the zippable half hood - lovely.

William and Stephanie - Peterhead - 22 October 2011

William and Stephanie - Peterhead - 22 October 2011

We had a great time out in the Caterham. The car was brilliant, and was looking immaculate inside and out when we picked it up. The cup of tea before heading out was also appreciated.

We covered a decent amount of miles in the 7, including main roads, narrow country lanes, and a few miles on the dual carriageway. We were very comfortable throughout, and the 7 felt, and sounded wonderful the whole time. Although small inside, we couldn't call it anywhere near cramped, and with the half-hood up, it was amazingly warm inside, even in the cold temperatures of October.

Thanks also for your useful help regarding weather forecasts for the surrounding area, good roads and places to go.

We will be recommending Highland Caterham Hire to several people, and we wish you all the best with the future.

William and Stephanie.

Gordon Brown - Nethy Bridge - 11/10/11

Gordon Brown - Nethy Bridge - 11/10/11

Dear Boyd,

Many thanks for providing a most memorable day. What a blast we had and the Caterham experience should be mandatory on everyone's bucket list. Not only do you get the sheer thrill and joy of the perfect driving experience, we could not believe how comfortable it was. The only downside is that my wife, who has no interest in cars, now wants one! 

Gordon Brown,

Nethy Bridge,


Boyd commented:- Not good for business (the wife wanting one of her own), but aren't you the lucky one?!!!!!! They are FUN aren't they?


Paul and Sara Joice - Inverness - 1/9/11

Paul and Sara Joice - Inverness - 1/9/11

"We just wanted to say thanks to you Boyd for the great day Sara and I had on our wedding anniversary.The Caterham was so much fun to drive and the route you planned for us through the Cairngorm National Park, was spectacular. I really felt Sara and I got to enjoy the car to its full potential. It really could not have been a better day." 

Paul and Sara Joice




Leendert and Johan Padmos - Inverurie - 6/8/11

“Boyd, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful day out in the Caterham. I hired the car for the day as a 70th birthday present for my father, who has had a love of cars all his life. It is a fantastic car with which to enjoy the Scottish roads. It handles beautifully, and the combination of being so low to the ground, the roar of the engine and having the top down makes for a very exciting driving experience. We first drove to Aviemore, then over the Lecht  to Kildrummy Castle Hotel where we met up with the rest of the family for lunch. I have three boys under the age of ten who are all big Top Gear fans, and they thought the car was great. Everyone had a chance to have a spin before we continued on to Dufftown and then back to Elgin.

My dad thoroughly enjoyed his present and I can’t wait for someone else in the family to have a birthday so I can have another go!

Leendert Padmos” 

David Morgan - Journalist for Motors North - 5/8/2011

David Morgan, the renowned motoring and aviation journalist for Motors North and the Northern Scot has recently road tested our car and his review appeared in the Northern Scot "Motors North" supplement on 5 August 2011. It can be read at, http://www.motors.co.uk/north/cars/Test-Drives/Caterham-Super-7-Roadsport-SV.

Matthew Wilson, Inverness, 25/6/2011

Matthew Wilson, Inverness, 25/6/2011

I have recently hired out Boyd's Caterham 7 and felt I just had to let everyone out there know what a fantastic and unique experience it has been.

All the more so as my son has severe autism and learning difficulties which makes it very hard to choose a suitable birthday treat or day out. We met Boyd at a vintage car rally and although I was unsure at first if it would be suitable for my son, he totally put us both at ease and was very understanding of my son's condition.

The day out went far better than I could have hoped for with my son making all the right signs and vocals to say he was very happy and excited (he is unable to speak) as he enjoyed all the smells and sensations that come with open air motoring as well as the g-forces from accelerating and cornering so low to the ground and of course the fantastic sound from the exhaust made him squeal with delight too, all in all an amazing alround sensory experience for him.

And of course Dad gets a great treat as well!

Thanks Boyd and can't wait to do it again.

Matthew Wilson.

Travelling Savage

Travelling Savage

By Keith Savage of Travelling Savage travel blog - extracted from his "Looking at the tree tops" blog.
The Caterham 7 was moving fast. Colors and recognizable physical objects became blurry streaks, and I half-hoped half-fretted that we were about to enter Hyperspace. I don’t know much about classic cars, but I know when I’m strapped into engineering greatness. I shouted several giddy and cringe-worthy exclamations over the wind during our wild three-hour ride from Fochabers to Grantown-on-Spey and back that I’m sure Boyd Stokes, the driver and owner of the car, appreciated.

“With the roof off the Caterham 7, the experience of touring the highlands is unmatched. You can see the treetops and the sky, and experience the elements. It’s physically tiring in a good way, like you’ve been active in the countryside,” Boyd told me over a pint after our ride. He’d recently left Rolls Royce and started Highland Caterham Hire, a business aimed at helping others experience the Scottish highlands in such a unique and invigorating way.

Read Keiths full account and see his pictures and video by clicking on following link:- Travelling Savage